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Since its formation in 1938, the Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth has worked diligently to meet the housing needs and improve the quality of life for all the residents it serves. We are an urban housing authority that has successfully demonstrated its capacity to deliver a broad range of social, economic, educational, and redevelopment services. Our ability to accomplish this is only further enhanced by partnerships we have established within the city, as well as with county and state agencies.

The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth is responsible for 1322 units of public housing. Of these, 1018 are owned and managed by the authority and 304 are mixed-finance units that are subsidized by HACE but are managed by private entities. In addition to its public housing, the agency administers 1103 Section 8 Rental Assistance Vouchers. The Voucher program consists of grant monies received from the federal government for Shelter Plus Care Awards and the traditional tenant-based Section 8 assistance program.