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Mixed-Finance Housing

Hope VI Sites

The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth and the City of Elizabeth was awarded the HOPE VI grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1997 to implement the Elizabethport Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.

This plan combined new housing development with a partnership between the HACE, residents and service providers to increase economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for the public housing residents. This comprehensive urban design approach included the elimination of major visible barriers to spur the creation of a true mixed income neighborhood. The development of mix housing units was also designed to contribute to income diversity within Elizabethport.

HACE and the HOPE VI developers, Community Investment Strategy (CIS) achieve the above objectives through the replacements of two antiquated public housing projects, Pioneer Homes and Migliore Manor with a combine total of 655 residential units of which 100 were boarded up. These units were replace with a total of 557 units of which 143 were build off site in newly acquire real estate within the neighborhood.

This strategy lead to a reduction in the density of residential units on the original public housing site. In addition, a Community Center was build in a rehabilitated old industrial building typical of the neighborhood and within walking distance to the new residential units for the use and enjoyment of the residents and the community. In the process of re -development over 6 Million dollars were invested in infrastructure improvements and 5 Million dollars in Geo-technical and environmental remediation.

Simultaneously to the physical transformation of the neighborhood a comprehensive holistic Community Supportive Services Plan was implemented providing services to the public housing residents. These services were provided through the partnerships with social service providers and workforce development agencies including the Union County Government and the Elizabeth Development Company, EDC. HACE invested 4.3 Million dollars building human capital by sponsoring the following programs and services; adult high school education, workforce training development , child care, case management, after school and arts program, financial and homeownership training, transportation, Health Clinic, etc.

The HOPE VI program close out was in 2006 and the total HOPE VI grant expenditure was 28.9 Million dollars and it leverage $9,391,994.00 for a total neighborhood investment of $122,813,994 of public and private funds.

There were five primary objectives of the Hope VI Program:

  1. Change the Physical Shape of Public Housing
  2. Reduce Concentrations of Poverty
  3. Provide Support services to Public Housing Residents
  4. Maintain High Standards of Personal Responsibility
  5. Form Private/Public Partnerships for Project Completion
LIHTC Public Housing Total Units
Portside Commons I   15 57 72
Portside Commons II   90 79 168
Heritage Village 41 46 86
Westport Homes 29 79 107
205 1st Street 31 12 31
Waters Edge 60 11 71