HACE is Celebrating its 85th Anniversary

Admin Plan

Section 8

The Administrative plan is required by HUD. The purpose of the Administrative Plan is to establish policies for carrying out the programs in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and local goals and objectives contained in the PHA’s agency plan. This administrative plan is a supporting document to the PHA agency plan, and is available for public review as required by CFFR 24 Part 903.

This administrative plan is set forth to define the PHA’s local policies of operation of the housing programs in the context of federal laws and regulations. All issues related to Section 8 not addressed in this document are governed by such federal regulations, HUD handbooks, and guidebooks, notices and other applicable law. The policies in this administrative plan have been designed to ensure compliance with the consolidated ACC and all HUD-approved applications for program funding.

The PHA is responsible for complying with all changes in HUD regulations pertaining to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. If such changes conflict with this plan, HUD regulations will have precedence.

Administration of the Housing Choice Voucher Program and the functions and responsibilities of the PHA staff shall be in compliance with the PHA’s personnel policy and HUD’s Section 8 regulations as well as federal, state, local fair housing laws and regulations.