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Income Eligibility

Section 8

Payment Standards

The PHA’s schedule of payment standards is used to calculate Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) for participants.

Payment standards is defined as “the maximum monthly assistance payment for a family assisted in the voucher program (before deducting the total tenant payment [TTP] by the family)” [24 CFR 982.4(b)].

The payment standard for a family is the lower of (1) the payment standard for the family unit size, which is defined as the appropriate number of bedrooms for the family under the PHA’s subsidy standards [24 CFR 9872.4(b)], or (2) the payment standard for the size of the dwelling unit rented by the family.

If the PHA has established to pay a monthly HAP for a family that is the lower of (1) the payment standard for the family minus the family’s TTP or (2) the gross rent for the family’s unit minus the TTP.

If during the term of the HAP contract for a family’s unit, the owner lowers the rent, the PHA will recalculate the HAP using the lower of the initial payment standard of the gross rent for the unit.

Effective January 1, 2021

Bedroom Size Rent
0 Bedroom $1,146.00
1 Bedroom $1,358.00
2 Bedrooms $1,643.00
3 Bedrooms $2,096.00
4 Bedrooms $2,498.00
5 Bedrooms $2,872.00