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Section 8

Initial Inspection

Once a unit is selected, the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) is submitted to the Inspections Department by the counselor. The Inspections Department will then schedule the unit for inspection. The owner of the unit will be contacted to schedule the appointment time and date. If the unit fails, a letter will be sent to both the prospective tenant and landlord indicating the failed items. Once the items have been repaired, the landlord needs to contact the Inspections Department for another inspection.

Annual Inspection

All units need to be inspected annually. Two months prior to the lease ending date, the unit will be scheduled for an annual inspection. The tenant and the landlord will be notified by mail of the date and time of the inspection. If the unit fails, a substandard letter will go out to the tenant and the landlord indicating the failed items. The letter will indicate the landlord-related items and the tenant-related items. The tenants are responsible for their own repairs. 

The landlord and the tenant are given 30 days to complete the repairs before the unit will be re-inspected. If the unit fails a second time, two letters could go out. If the landlord-related items are not completed, we will send an Abatement letter. The Abatement letter indicates that we will be withholding the housing assistance payment until the unit passes inspection. If the tenant-related items are not completed, we will send a termination letter. The termination letter indicates that we will terminate the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher within 30 days, due to damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear.

When the unit is ready for re-inspection, the Inspections Department needs to be notified. Otherwise, we will return within 15 days. If the landlord-related items are still not completed, we will abate payment and request the tenant move due to substandard conditions. If the tenant-related items are not completed, we will follow through with the termination. If the unit passes after the third time and abatement had not been done, the withheld housing assistance payment will be released.

Special Inspection

A special inspection is done at the request of the landlord, tenant and/or Housing Authority. Generally, the inspector only reviews the items that are reported as deficient, however, the inspector will record any additional HQS deficiencies that are observed and will require the responsible party to make the necessary repairs.

Quality Control

Occasionally, your unit may be randomly selected for a Quality Control Inspection. This means that our Inspections Supervisor is randomly inspecting a small percentage of recently inspected units that have passed, to review and double check the accuracy of our inspectors. If the unit fails this inspection, the same rules apply as indicated for Annuals.