HACE is Celebrating its 85th Anniversary

Senior Complexes

O’Donnell-Dempsey Towers

This site completed in 1984, is located in a one structure 8 story building containing 100 units, this site services our senior and disabled population and features many accommodations such as handrails, intercom system and accessible walkways and ramps.

The official address is 632 Salem Avenue which is conveniently located adjacent to a City of Elizabeth owned and operated recreation center.

The site was named after two renowned Elizabethians J. Frank O’Donnell was so named because of his lifetime contributions to the city and its citizens having been a humanitarian, businessman and philanthropist.

Mary Ann Dempsey was selected because of her lifetime commitment to civic, political and religious organizations and activities, and her tenure on the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

This site has recently experienced elevator, heating system, kitchen and parking lot upgrades.

Kennedy Arms

Kennedy Arms is a 125 unit built in 1968 housing a lower income senior/disabled population. It was named after the then deceased former president who was so instrumental in the development of senior subsidized housing. Senator Edward Kennedy participated in the dedication ceremony.

Located on the Elizabeth River, this 8 story structure is also within walking distance of Elizabeth’s primary shopping district. Its address is 70 Westfield Avenue.

Kennedy Arms has some balcony apartments, ample parking and a large community room. Additionally it features newly renovated kitchens and bathrooms and building façade improvements.

Ford-Leonard Towers

This complex of 121 active rental units was completed in 1967 as a one structure, 11-story building. It is named after two former Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth, Thomas A. “Bob” Ford and Joseph J. Leonard.

Ford-Leonard Towers is centrally located at 69 Division Street with existing building features of dual elevators, incineration chutes, laundry facilities, and a pagoda style community room, along with ample parking.

In recent years extensive upgrading has occurred at the site including community room and lobby renovations, new kitchens and bathrooms, exterior site and parking lot updates, as well as conversion to a new gas-fired heating system.

Farley Towers

This one building structure of 9 stories housing 249 active rental units was built in 1963 upon the prior urging of a then young congressmen John F. Kennedy. At that time the complex was the nation’s largest project providing assisted housing for the Senior population exclusively.

The complex is located at 33 Cherry Street, has extensive parking and is conveniently located to the Elizabeth downtown shopping district.

Farley Towers derived its title from J. William Farley, Sr., a member of the Housing Authority 19 years and initiator of its move to build public housing for senior citizens.

His Authority colleagues decided to name the first Golden Age building for him because of his work for the project in particular and the public housing program in general.

Farley Towers boasts a newly renovated lobby and community room plus recent upgrades to the bathrooms, roof and exterior building façade.