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About Jobs Plus University

What is Jobs Plus?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded HACE with funding to implement its Jobs Plus University Program. This program allows residents to work and earn more money without an increase in rent.

Your rent may not increase if you:

  • Earn wages from a new job
  • Increase hours at work
  • Get a raise or promotion at work
  • Get an additional job
  • Earn tips from work
  • Earn money from self-employment 

When you EARN more money from WORK – you keep that money in your pocket.

Jobs Plus University Program Benefits


  • Advance your career or start a new career path with job training programs
  • Maintain long-term job security
  • Become self-sufficient 
  • Provide for your family members
  • Earn more money without an increase in rent

What Do I Need to Qualify?


  • Mravlag Manor Resident
  • Age 18+
  • An interest in completing education, job training, or seeking a career

Break Down the Barriers to Your Success with Jobs Plus!

Enroll in the Jobs Plus University Program by filling out the Interest Form and we will contact you:

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If you have questions, visit our FAQ page. Please reach out to HACE’s Jobs Plus University Program Director with other questions and to enroll:

LaChelle Thompson
908-965-2400 ext.153

688 Maple Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07202