Project Based Applications

The project-based voucher (PBV) program allows PHAs that already administer a tenant-based voucher program under an annual contributions contract (ACC) with HUD to take up to 20 percent of its voucher program budget authority and attach the funding to specific units rather than using it for tenant-based assistance [24 CFR 983.6]. PHAs may only operate a PBV program if doing so is consistent with the PHA’s Annual Plan, and the goal of deconcentrating poverty and expanding housing and economic opportunities [42 U.S.C. 1437f(o)(13)].

PBV assistance may be attached to existing housing or newly constructed or rehabilitated housing [24 CFR 983.52]. If PBV units are already selected for project-based assistance either under an agreement to enter into HAP Contract (Agreement) or a HAP contract, the PHA is not required to reduce the number of these units if the amount of budget authority is subsequently reduced. However, the PHA is responsible for determining the amount of budget authority that is available for project-based vouchers and ensuring that the amount of assistance that is attached to units is within the amounts available under the ACC [24 CFR 983.6].

The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth (HACE) Rental Assistance Department is NOT currently accepting Project Based applications.  Project Based means the Housing Voucher is limited to a particular property or project, unlike tenant based vouchers that travel with the tenant to any property.