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Summer Initiatives & After School Programs


HACE can provide information and referrals to clients looking for child care, after-school, and/or summer programs for their children. These needs are primarily met in the local community in partnership with the Elizabethport After-School and Summer Arts Program, Safe Haven, and the Elizabethport Presbyterian Center which provide programs for children.

HACE provides supportive services to the Elizabethport After-School and Summer Arts Program, as it receives funding from The Housing Authority of the City of Elizabeth. Therefore, we work closely with the Executive Director in her efforts to provide the following activities to Elizabethport children and youths:

  • Snacks & Meals [Summer]
  • Dance Classes (i.e. Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop & African Dance) & NYC – Dance Caravan Classes [Spring]
  • Visual Arts (Video Training, Drawing & Painting Classes)
  • Music (i.e. Piano Classes, African Drumming & Voice Training)
  • Arts & Crafts (i.e. Jewelry Design-Making & Sewing Classes)
  • Martial Arts (Karate) Classes & Competitions
  • Computer Lab (Homework & Research)
  • Monthly Writing Workshops [Saturday – College Prep]
  • Chess Classes
  • Culinary Training & Nutrition [Spring & Summer]
  • Monthly Math Workshops [Saturday – College Prep]
  • Homework “Tutor Time” – Academic Year Component
  • Pre-Teen & Teen Night Out Workshops (Includes Activity & Dining Out)
  • Ice Skating Party for Valentine’s Day
  • NYC Lincoln Center – Paul Taylor Dance Company Performance
  • NYC Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Visit
  • Summer Arts Camp [50+ participants] (Includes Recreational Activities: i.e. Movies, Trips & Roller-Skating)
  • Sports (i.e. Basketball, Tennis, & Swimming Lessons) [Summer]